Teaching Methodlogy

Salient Features of the Methods we follow to study at Singh Study Circle

  • Study Material: The study material we follow at Singh Study Circle is fully prepared as per the competitive and academic scenario prevailing at the marketplace and provide complete sense of knowledge to our students.
  • Faculty within the Organization: In order to provide ideal set of skills and knowledge to students as per increasing competition, we have with us trained set of faculty. The faculty of our institute is selected after rigorous rounds of interviews, tests and live teaching sessions, so as to hire the best candidate that can be guiding principle for students.
  • Creative Lessons: We let students to learn every single concept to a particular subject in a logical and creative manner, so as to better understand everything quickly. This teaching method enables our students not just to cover up whole syllabus in a matter of short time, but also to solve tricky questions quickly without getting confused during tests and examinations.
  • Taking out Maximum from Students: At Singh Study Circle, we have created a fully competitive study environment that fully motivate the students to do something more and reach beyond their actual level.
  • Time Management: One of the main aspects of our teaching methodology is efficient time management system. We have built up a strategic teaching method and schedule to cover up the whole syllabus well before the time of exams. This allows the students to acquire much spare time to start revising the concepts, take part doubt clearing sessions and also can give more tests to further sharpen their concepts for final exams.
  • You Ask and We Solve: The very concept of ?You Ask and We Solve? is to let each every student understand the subject wise concepts and questions carefully. For this, we conduct regular doubt clearing sessions in order to make your concepts go crystal clear without any confusion.
  • Regular Tests: In order to better understand the present study level of student, we take regular tests and assessment. This helps us to check the potential capacity of every single child and if something is left, the same can be cleared in doubt clearing sessions.
  • Monthly Performance Report: Just like faculty of SSC needs to understand the present state of study condition of the child by looking at his/her monthly performance report. In a same manner, we also allow their parents to look at the same with the help of a User Id and Password for the personal dashboard of the students at SSC?s site.
  • Attendance Information: It is necessary to have a close look at the daily attendance of students not just on our faculty? part but also towards their parents part. For this, we regularly sent SMS to parents regarding their attendance record.
  • Parent Teacher Meet:We regularly conduct one to one sessions with parents of the students in order to present current state of performance of the child and the areas in which he/she is lacking behind.
  • State of the Art Architecture: All the coaching centers of Singh Study Circle are well equipped with proper seating arrangements, transport facilities, library and other such facilities for the overall comfort of students.
  • Direct Admission Process: For talented students who have scored well in previous class can take the benefit of direct admission facility for any of our institute.
  • Timely Recognition: We fully recognize the outstanding performance of students and employees. The students who scored well in entrance exams are well rewarded and awarded here at Singh Study Circle.
  • Updated Syllabus: During any change of study concepts or syllabus as per government policies, we also make several modifications in our teaching methods and syllabus.
  • Share your Thoughts/Complaints: We fully welcome the suggestions from your side in order to make our services better. For this, one can send mail us any point of time without any hassle. In a same manner, we are here to solve your issues or complaints any point of time.
  • Toll Free Counselling: One can contact us any point of time for taking ?Offline? or ?Online? counselling sessions as per need and requirement. In addition, you can also ask for our Study Material, Courses Offered, Tests and Teaching Methodology without any hassle.